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We love families! We take it upon ourselves to provide a warm environment for all ages. Our dedicated Kid’s Corner exam room makes a trip to the dentist an easy and enjoyable one for your children. As always, Dr. Lee offers free exams for all children under 1 year!

Also, A Northwest Dental has invested in state of the art mobile x-ray equipment that makes examining children much easier! The Vector Handheld X-Ray looks similar to a digital camera and reduces the discomfort and fear associated with trips to the dentist.

Your Baby’s Teeth

Just because baby teeth aren’t permanent doesn’t mean that we can overlook how important keeping them healthy is!

Besides being necessary for quality nutrition, baby teeth help with the development of the jawbone and facial muscles. They preserve space for the permanent teeth that are on their way and help guide them to their final destination. On top of that, kids with healthy baby teeth learn to chew properly and can even learn to speak easier!

Children’s Dental Care

Utilizing good dental hygiene habits is important before the first tooth even appears. You can help by wiping their gums down after meals to remove any bacteria.

Once they’ve reached a year to 18 months old, you can start using a soft baby brush. Use a small amount of toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. A non-fluoride toothpaste is safe for your child to swallow. When your child reaches pre-school age, you can begin to use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste.

Teen Pediatric Dentistry

Seeing a dentist that understands your child’s growing mouth is necessary through the teen years. Your child will continue to experience significant jaw and facial growth through middle school and high school, meaning they should continue to see a dentist to monitor that process.

Teeth that have just come through the gums are prone to decay and your teen will be getting the last of their permanent teeth by now. Your child should understand that they will have these teeth, and just one set of them, for the rest of their lives. Using proper dental hygiene now can set them up for success down the road.

Your teen has also probably started making most of their own nutritional choices. High schoolers tend to earn more cavities by snacking on high sugar treats. But by following a brushing, flossing and 6-month cleaning regimen, you and your dentist should be able to catch any dental problems before they become bigger issues!