• Why Your Shoreline Dentist Encourages Pumpkin this Season

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    Welcome to November, from your Shoreline Dentist team! If you don’t follow the equinox schedule closely, it’s easy to tell when we approach fall because of the abundance of pumpkins everywhere. From big plots of land freckled with all shapes and sizes of orange gourds, to grocery store entrances, and even menus at your favorite coffee shops and cafes, there are pumpkins available everywhere. We encourage you to add this superfood to your diet while it’s in season! There are multiple health benefits and so many ways to incorporate these tasty Cucurbitaceae fruits (and seeds) into your food choices. Here are a few reasons why your Shoreline dentist encourages pumpkin this season:


    Pumpkins stand the test of time, having provided nutrients for the Aztec and Mayan people since around 5500 BC. Several thousand years later, in 1500, their use was documented in recipes for savory and sweet pies throughout Europe. Across the Atlantic, pumpkins have been shown in art and written documentation of the early colonists and Wampanoag tribe at the First Thanksgiving. In the 1800s, Lincoln declared this a national holiday and was established further as part of our growing nation’s culture. One year, the holiday was postponed in a town in Connecticut when a molasses shortage couldn’t supply the demand for pumpkin pie. In the 1900s, Libbys brought canned pumpkins to the market for widespread availability and they’ve since remained on market shelves at a store near you. Halloween the month before Thanksgiving gives us a couple months of fresh pumpkins. Get them while you can!


    These gourds are packed with essential vitamins that support many systems in your body. When you see the bright orange veggies or fruits think of Beta-carotene, or Vitamin A. This helps fight infection and supports a healthy immune system. B-complex vitamins support healthy gums and give you energy naturally. Collagen protein is great for healthy skin, like sunblock from within your cells. Vitamins C and E prevent cancer (oral cancer for instance) by neutralizing free radicals in your body and keep you young by providing a great source of antioxidants. The Vitamin E, along with folate and iron, support a healthy immune system, preventing gum disease and gingivitis.


    Why do bananas get all the credit for supplying potassium? Pumpkins offer far more potassium than bananas do, which is especially wonderful for those with an active lifestyle. Replenish your lost electrolytes with pumpkin to support muscle contraction, blood pressure, digestion, and water balance. Potassium and calcium both support strong teeth and bones.


    Dieticians frequently recommend pumpkin as a low-calorie option. With so many nutrients, at only 50 calories, this fruit is worth every ounce that you’re putting into your body. The high water content (94%) acts as a mild diuretic and helps you flush away unwanted toxins taking up valuable space inside your body. Get that dead stuff out and replace it with this! The water in pumpkins will help you reduce blood glucose levels, improve glucose tolerance, and increase insulin, naturally. Together, this will allow you to manage food cravings and maintain healthy body weight.

    While raw pumpkins are available in stores and pumpkin patches, it will be easier to add these superfoods (and their super seeds) to your diet. Canned pumpkin is an option year-round. It may be tempting to order pumpkin-spiced lattes while they are on the menu at your nearby coffee shop. Remember that these are likely sugar-based syrups and won’t give you the same benefits as the fruit would, and not why your Shoreline dentist encourages pumpkin. In moderation, you’ll be okay adding any pumpkin-flavored items while they’re offered. Remember to brush after the sweet choices, like pumpkin pie. Until you’re next checkup, our Facebook page has a few other pointers to keep your smile in optimal condition. If this blog made you smile, let us know on our Facebook!