• Dental Hygiene, Staying Hydrated, and Your Oral Health

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    As we enter this autumn season, our Shoreline dentist wants to remind you to stay hydrated for your health and safety. Fall means busier schedules as we get back from vacation and return to school, work, games, and events. The hustle and bustle can be exciting, and it can be challenging to keep up good habits with the added rain. Your health regimen is vital to your being. Here are a few reminders for keeping your health incorporated into your daily routine.

    Dental Hygiene

    Summer may have been abundant with beach days, BBQs, vacations, and treats. Ice cream and popsicles, s’mores, tangy sauce, popcorn… while they can be tasty, they can also be detrimental to your oral health if not properly cared for. If you choose these sugary or acidic treats, remember to brush again afterward. Remember there are many healthy choices available as well. A travel toothbrush and flossers are an easy addition to any purse or backpack to keep your oral health in check throughout the day. It only takes two minutes to brush your teeth. Our Shoreline dentist has an extra toothbrush for you to pick up during your next dental exam, or pick one up from your local store in your favorite style.

    Stay Hydrated

    Our bodies are mostly water, so hydration is key. Staying hydrated allows your body to facilitate its natural processes smoothly. Water helps clear food particles from our nooks and crannies, gives us a better hunger meter, and aids in digestion. Choosing water over sugary or acidic drinks will help you stay at homeostasis. Hydrated bodies produce enough saliva to properly digest our food. Be careful about choosing alcohol over water. It prevents your kidneys from absorbing water, which will further lead to dehydration. Liquor with its usual mixer, wine, and beer are typically high in sugar. Don’t give bacteria an opportunity to form plaque or lead to gum disease. When you see the rain outside, let it remind you to drink more water.

    Your Oral Health and Safety

    Remembering to brush, floss, and drink plenty of water will cover many of your health basics. Safety and mindfulness are also important to consider with our weather. Young children will learn by example how to be aware of wet and slippery floors. Even a quick distraction can let you fall flat on your face… and teeth. Wear proper shoes and helmets when appropriate to protect against falls this Fall. Sports should be played with mouthguards to protect your smile from any stray balls or elbows. Our Shoreline dentist is aware that accidents happen, but attention to safety can prevent unfortunate events.

    The summer was a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, explore your surroundings, and travel someplace new. Staying proactive with your oral health can prevent unwanted emergency trips to the dentist. Keep your spirits high while temperatures drop by remembering to brush and floss, stay hydrated, and be mindful of hazards. Until your next regularly scheduled appointment, our Facebook page can keep you updated with more oral health tips and reminders. Happy Fall!