• Summer Snacks for a Healthy Smile

  • This year seems to have flown by! It seems like only yesterday everyone was committing to their annual New Year’s resolution of getting healthy. Some of us bought new yoga mats, walking shoes, or bikes with every intention of making your health a priority. With birthday parties, BBQs, and days spent at the beach, there have been so many sugary temptations available, and we may have strayed from our goals. Our Shoreline dentist offers a few snack suggestions to keep your smile healthy this summer: 

    Fruits and Veggies

    No matter if you come home for lunch, have hungry teenagers, or the entire neighborhood seems to play and eat at your house, keeping your kitchen full of ripe fruits or crisp veggies is a wonderful way to always have healthy snacks on-hand. Wash everything, and prepare into serving-size containers if it’s not already done by nature. Keep them handy in an easily accessible drawer in your fridge or on a low shelf or counter. Fruits and vegetables are packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and other essential vitamins to support your oral hygiene and nutritional needs. Here are some of our Shoreline dentist staff favorites: 

    • Asian pear 
    • Avocado 
    • Bell peppers 
    • Berries 
    • Cherries 
    • Cucumbers 
    • Melon 
    • Peaches 
    • Plums 
    • Strawberries 
    • Summer Squash 
    • Watermelon 

    Summer is an amazing time for fresh produce. Your local grocery store or farmers market will have some fantastic fresh and healthy options for you to choose from. As soon as you bring them home, take some time to wash and prep, so that your snacks are ready for you whenever you get a craving or need to grab a quick bite. 

    Ice Cold Dairy

    The ice cream man knows that it’s hard to resist frozen treats when you’re sunbathing at the beach. Go ahead and treat yourself from time to time, but be mindful. Popsicles and ice cream have a lot of sugar and calories, which add up quickly. Set yourself up for success by packing a cooler of ice-cold dairy treats ahead of time, like cubes of cheese or frozen yogurt pops. These will satisfy your dairy craving without additional sugar. 

    Healthy Dry Options

    No matter what your summer plans are: stay-cation, road trip, or camping at the beach, there are many healthy options that keep well in the pantry. Pistachios, peanuts, and almonds are in season and don’t have to be refrigerated, making them great for snack on-the-go. You can also add them to your granola to mix things up! Sprouted or whole grain bread are awesome to keep around for quick avocado toast or cucumber sandwiches. You’ll likely minimize your snacking on the sugary stuff if you keep these healthy options nearby. 

    We look forward to summer at our Shoreline dentist office, especially because there are so many sweet options available. Campfire s’mores and block party cupcakes are okay to treat yourself with once in a while, but remember that everything is better in moderation. These calories and sugar add up quickly. Your smile and your waistline and gut will thank you for reaching for the healthier choices. If you choose the sugary treats, brush and floss your teeth more often to protect your smile from cavities and decay. 

    Do you have another favorite summertime fruit? Share a photo of your smile and your favorite healthy snack on our Facebook page!