• Oral Cancer Screening at your Dental Exam

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    You may have heard us mention that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.  The goal of this awareness is to educate people on the symptoms, signs, and causes associated with the disease.  As the dentist Shoreline families trust with their oral health and preventative dentistry, we’d like to help you become aware of oral cancer so you can take steps in avoiding this diagnosis. 

    Step One: The Dental Exam

    Did you know that each time you visit our Shoreline dentist; we screen you for oral cancer?  This bi-yearly exam is key to staying healthy.  The best way to prevent oral cancer is through early detection.  Everyone is at risk for oral cancer, though some people are considered high-risk.  If you use tobacco products, are a heavy drinker, or have an unhealthy diet, then you may be at greater risk for developing oral cancer.

    Our oral cancer screening exam takes less than 5 minutes and allows us to look for soft tissue discoloration, open sores, and lumps that are unexplained.  By performing this exam every 6 months we can track any changes before they progress too far along.

    Step Two: Medical History

    Another risk factor associated with oral cancer is age.  As we age, our medical history changes which is typically updated with your doctors.  However, it is important to inform our Shoreline dentist about any changes in your health as well.  Should there be a change in your oral cavity, we’ll want to know that as well.  Be an advocate for your health and take prompt action should you notice any changes.  Call our office to discuss your needs and to inquire about an oral cancer screening.

    The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

    Visiting our office on a regular basis and getting screened for oral cancer is the key to preventing oral cancer.  By detecting an issue early, we can eliminate the problem before it gets worse.  When oral cancer is treated in its early stage, you prevent it from progressing.  Unfortunately, those who neglect their oral health risk death if they have oral cancer.  Our wish is to help you protect your health so oral cancer doesn’t take over. 

    Contact our office if you would like to discuss our oral cancer screening procedure and visit us on social media to see how our preventative dentistry services help keep you in good health.