• Avoiding Tooth Decay and Cavities

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    Many people have had tooth decay or a cavity in their lifetime.  Typically, a cavity is a result of tooth decay damaging the enamel and weakening the tooth.  Tooth decay isn’t always noticed and generally only causes pain once the cavity is in place.  As the dentist Shoreline families trust for their preventative dentistry, we’d like to take a moment to talk about tooth decay.  If tooth decay is caught early enough, we can prevent a cavity from forming and keep your oral health in check.

    A Good Oral Health Routine

    Brush at least twice every day and floss one time each day.  This, along with routine visits to our Shoreline dentist will keep your smile cavity free.  Brushing and flossing reduces the potential for tooth decay when done properly.  Talk with us if you need a few tips so that you can ensure you’re oral hygiene routine is top notch.

    Eating Healthy

    Sugar is one of the biggest enemies to tooth enamel.  It reacts with the bacteria and plaque in your mouth and produces an acid that erodes your enamel.  If you eat or drink items with high sugar content, and don’t brush and floss regularly, your tooth enamel will become damaged and cavities will result.  Opt for healthy foods low in sugars such as vegetables and fruits.  Leafy greens and non-processed foods are great for your diet and reduce your risk of cavities and tooth decay.

    Dairy Products

    A diet with the right amount of dairy is another great way to promote bone and teeth health.  Our Shoreline dentist encourages patients to consume dairy in order to strengthen teeth and bones.  Strong teeth are a result of calcium and phosphorus that dairy products are known for.  Add some milk, cheese, or yogurt to your daily diet and help your smile remain in great condition.


    When you crave a quick drink to re-hydrate, skip the soda and opt for water.  Water hydrates your tissues including your gums and other soft-tissues in your oral cavity.  Water helps rinse away food particles and essential for your body and oral health.  Replace your sugary drinks with water and eliminate the cavities that are associated with these beverages.

    With smart choices, your smile can remain cavity free.  Schedule an appointment with our Shoreline dentist team and visit us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest oral health topics.  We want your smile to be the best that it can be.  Get a healthy, decay-free smile by eating healthy and having a good oral hygiene routine.