• Learning about Dental Implants

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    Tooth pain tends to hit at the worst moments.  It can keep you up at night and ruin your appetite.  A toothache leads to anxiety and restlessness.  The best thing you can do if you experience tooth pain is to call our Shoreline dentist.  In some cases you may have a cavity or a small abscess that needs to be cared for.  You might have a need for a dental implant.  As the dentist Shoreline patients trust for the preventative dentistry and dental implants, feel safe with your oral care in our hands.  We want to make you comfortable and pain-free while working to care for your oral health.

    A quick consultation at our office can set us up for a successful treatment plan.  Our Shoreline dentist is experienced and highly skilled in providing our patients with dental implants.  We use the latest in sedation techniques to make you comfortable and state of the art dental technology.  A dental implant is a replacement, or artificial tooth, that replaces a missing permanent tooth.

    Do I really need an implant?

    There are consequences to leaving the gap in your smile.  If you choose to not get a dental implant, you will notice a few changes.  First, your existing teeth will begin moving into the empty space, changing your smile and bite.  You’ll also be at a higher risk for cavities as more surface area of your teeth are exposed.  Bacteria are another problem to worry about.  Moving teeth and the exposed gum area can harbor dangerous bacteria that can get into your bloodstream and affect your entire body.  Seek help from our Shoreline dentist.  Take the time to learn about your options so that you can keep your smile looking its best. 

    How do implants work?

    A dental implant consists of a post that is surgically implanted into the bone of your jaw.  Once the post is secured, it is topped with a ceramic crown that is designed to look like your natural tooth.  Caring for your dental implant is just like caring for your own teeth.  Brush twice a day and floss daily.  It is also important to keep your appointments with our Shoreline dentist as we can monitor your implant and make changes if necessary.

    If you’ve been dealing with tooth pain, give our Shoreline dentist office a call.  We can help while giving you a comfortable environment for your dental care.  Let us help you keep your smile looking great.  Call our office if you have questions about dental implants or look for us on Facebook for oral health topics.