• Saving for your Smile

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    As you look to the New Year, have you thought about making a New Year’s resolution?  When you do make them, do you stick with them?  Many of us don’t which only sets your year up a step behind.  What if this year you chose a resolution that was easy to follow through with and provided you with a lifetime achievement?  We’re talking about your smile.  As a dentist Shoreline community members trust for their restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs, make us your resolution this year.  Give yourself the goal and gift of a new smile. 

    Most resolutions focus on improving one’s self, and what better way to improve yourself than be starting with your smile.  If you set the goal now, you’ll have all year long to come up with a plan of action and utilize your dental insurance benefits to their full capacity.  A good smile takes time, but is easy to achieve when you work with our Shoreline dentist and staff. 

    Do your research first

    The best way to get started is by researching your options.  Start with a consultation with our Shoreline dentist to tell us your goals and how you wish your smile appeared to you and others.  Then, let us help you work with your dental insurance company to determine what out-of-pocket costs might come into play and what is covered.  At this point, it is a great idea to reach out to your health savings account holder to determine what types of procedures your account will cover.  This helps you understand how much money you can set aside each month in saving for your new smile.

    Create a solid plan

    Now that the research is complete, we can establish a plan.  A smile makeover can include teeth whitening or veneers, crowns or bridges.  Whatever your needs, you can count on our Shoreline dentist to deliver fantastic care and services.  Establish a plan for saving for any extra costs now so that you have it covered once the procedure begins.  Our dentist will help you build an oral treatment plan that will help you get your smile back in shape.

    Make it work

    Now that the plan is in place, make it work.  Setting a small amount aside and knowing how your dental insurance is handled makes your new smile easy to achieve. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how great you look from a single idea that took only a few phone calls to put into motion.  A great smile gives you self-confidence, improves your mood, and makes you more approachable.  Smiles open doors and who knows what opportunities you’ve missed out on if you haven’t been happy with your smile.

    Our Shoreline dentist family wishes you and yours a wonderful New Year.  We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted and can’t wait to see you in the upcoming year.  Follow our team on Facebook or call our office if you have any questions.  We’re always happy to help!