• The New School Year and your Oral Health

  • Dental Exam Shoreline dentistParents around the country are breathing a small sigh of relief as children heft their backpacks and head back to school.  The summer has been great, but it’s nice to be back on a schedule.  Our Shoreline dentist and staff want to wish all of our students a great year and we look forward to hearing about all of your new adventures.  In the meantime, let’s look at some great ways to keep your oral health in great condition.


     Getting adjusted to a new routine

    A new school year is an adjustment period for many.  Some students are starting in a new school, while others are coming back as the older, wiser, mentors.  Regardless of what grade they are attending, it is important to remind your children about the importance of taking care of themselves.  Quite possibly, they are getting used to new schedules,  are coming home exhausted, and are off; racing out the door for fall activities.  Amidst this hectic new school year, don’t lack on oral and personal hygiene.


    Teach health at home

    Teach your family about the importance of taking care of themselves by discussing:

    Hydration:  Water is great for your body and oral health.  It promotes a clean mouth and healthy gums while hydrating your body.  Encourage drinking water throughout the school day and at home.

    Bathing:  Recess, P.E., fall sports, and after school playtime makes anyone a sweaty mess.  Establish a bathing routine so children have a fresh start to the school day each day.  Some children may just need a little soap and a wash cloth before bedtime, or a bath or shower at night or in the morning.

    Healthy eating:  Get everyone in the habit of choosing healthy foods.  Health-conscious afterschool snacks and lunches provide ample nutrition to keep children full and focused.

    Oral Health:  Brushing and flossing every day keeps your oral health in great shape.  Additionally, a visit to our Shoreline dentist twice a year for a dental exam will keep smiles looking amazing.

    Hygiene:  Along with bathing and caring for your teeth, older children and adolescents may need to be reminded to use deodorant and other hygiene related products.


    Reap the rewards

    When children learn the importance of caring for their health and oral health, they are learning lifelong skills.  Our Shoreline dentist and staff want you and your family to have a wonderful school year, an amazing smile, and great health.  Keep the lines of communication open with older children and help younger ones achieve their tasks at home.  Together you’ll create a steadfast routine that will help your loved ones learn to care for themselves.  At the same time, they’ll be healthier, happier, and feel well-cared for.


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