• Why you might need Root Canal Therapy

  • Root Canal Shoreline dentistOver a decade ago, nearly 11 million root canals were performed yearly by general dentists and 4 million procedures were done by endodontists.  Now, with over 20 million root canal procedures done annually, it is important to understand the benefit of root canal therapy and to recognize the signs when you need a root canal.  As a Shoreline dentist with over 20 years of advanced dental experience, we’ve performed our share of root canals.  Below are some of the most common reasons you a root canal solution is right for you.


    Hot and Cold Sensitivity

    Root canal therapy describes the procedure required with the root of your tooth is compromised.  The root is the area of the tooth below the gum line.  Inside the root are the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels that work to keep the tooth alive.  When bacteria infect the tooth’s interior parts, a root canal is done to clear the area of infection and decay.  Teeth that are sensitive in nature to hot or cold foods may simply be a discomfort.  However, if that pain is localized to one specific tooth, it is a warning sign that the nerves are affected and dying.


    Pain While Eating

    Because the tooth has nerves, when exposed or infected, it will hurt to eat.  If a tooth experiences pain while you are chewing, you may need a root canal.  Root canal therapy is designed to save the tooth before the need to extract it arises.  Our Shoreline dentist and staff work to save the tooth before it’s too late.  By saving the tooth, you keep your original smile intact and avoid more invasive procedures.


    Discolored Teeth

    If one tooth looks different than your other teeth, it could be the result of a dying tooth.  A darkened tooth is a sign of infection or tooth decay.  Root canal therapy can often save a tooth as long as the procedure is done quickly.  This symptom commonly comes about when there has been an injury to the face or oral cavity.


    The Absence of Symptoms

    Occasionally, a root canal comes as a surprise.  No symptoms are presented, yet the need for root canal therapy is recommend by our Shoreline dentist and staff.  This happens when the infection hasn’t quite reached the nerves yet so you aren’t aware of sensitivity and pain.  By keeping on track with your regular dental exams, you can avoid the pain that comes with an infected tooth.  We use x-rays and an examination to catch problem areas before they get out of hand.


    The good news is that despite the myths of root canals, these services are virtually painless.  We offer dental sedation services so you have a calm, pain-free experience.  Check out our Facebook page for more news about root canal therapy, or call our office today if you are due for a visit.