• Summer Fun and Healthy Teeth

  • summer Shoreline dentistHelloooo, summer!  It’s officially here; the time of year we’ve looked forward to all year.  It is a time with unlimited pool days for the kids and a little extra stress on parents.  Navigating camps, activities, meal times and more can be exhausting.  While kids only see the longer days of summer and fun times with friends, parents worry about how to keep their kids occupied.  Our Shoreline dentist understands how hard it is to keep a normal and balanced routine so they remain healthy and cared for.  It’s easy to let your summer schedule fall apart.  So, to help, we have a few suggestions that will keep your kids in good health.   


    Keep your Bedtime Routine

    The long days of summer make bedtime routines difficult.  Competing with the sounds of fun and laughter which flitter in through open windows, and fighting the last efforts of the sun’s rays are an easy distraction when bedtime rolls around.  Evening sporting events to beat the heat of the day and late nights enjoying the outdoor campfire make keeping a normal routine difficult, as well.  The key to staying healthy is to not let your health regimen fall apart.  Most importantly, keep your oral hygiene routine no matter what.

    Your children and you can stay out as late as you like (though you might not love that idea the next morning), just make sure you are still brushing teeth at least two times every day and flossing.  You can call children in a half hour prior to bedtime so that bathing, flossing, brushing, and a bit of quiet time bring their day to a close.


    Control the Amount of Summer Treats

    Our Shoreline dentist knows how much fun an ice cream sandwich on a scorching day can be.  Treats during the summer are a given at the pool or beach, but don’t let it become a daily habit.  Make sure your family drinks plenty of water, and opt for healthier treats so everyone’s oral health and overall health stay in good order.   Refrain from sugar-filled drinks like lemonade and sodas and replace sweets with healthy treats.  Crisp apples, fresh berries that are in abundance during the summer, and whole-grain snacks are perfect ways to satisfy your midday hunger.


    Have a Toothbrush Stockpile

    In addition to the warm days, summer evenings lend to campouts and sleepovers.  But, no matter if it’s an impromptu event, or a night organized with a plan, make sure everyone sticks to their bedtime routine as much as they are able.  Stockpile toothbrushes so that your guests have access to clean teeth and healthy gums.  If you keep a few on hand, you’ll never have to worry about your oral hygiene.  Store guests’ toothbrushes once dry in individual baggies with their names on them so that germs aren’t spread, but their oral health isn’t neglected at each sleepover.   The stockpile also keeps your family stocked so, should they leave their brush behind when they are out of the house, you don’t have to race to the store for a replacement.


    We want your summer memories to be enjoyable and memorable.  Whether you’re will be traveling miles away from home or going on an adventure in your own backyard, a little planning will ensure your oral health is in great condition.   Talk with our Shoreline dentist about more ways to care for your teeth at your next appointment or visit our Facebook page for healthy tips.