• Prepare for Graduation Day with Whiter Teeth

  • Teeth Whitening Shoreline dentistIn just a few short weeks, many of our Shoreline dentist patients, past and present, will walk across a stage in their cap and gown to accept their well-earned diploma.  We’ve had the honor of watching you grow into adulthood and so excited for your success.  You may be on track to begin your career or enter college.  You may take time off and explore the world.  Whatever your next step, do it with same confidence and smile that got you to graduation day.


    Be Prepared for the Occasion

    Most things in life require a little bit of preparation.  For graduation, you ordered your cap and gown, completed your required studies and possibly planned a celebration.  For the next stage in your life, prepare by ensuring your smile looks as great as possible.  You’ll have hundreds of photo ops with friends and family throughout graduation.  You’ll meet new friends in college and aim to impress your professors.  If a quick trip around the world is your desire, you’ll want to have a dazzling smile in all of your pictures that get sent home.  So get prepared by scheduling a Teeth Whitening procedure at our Shoreline dentist office.


    Teeth Whitening

    The best path towards whiter teeth is by visiting our office for a simple teeth whitening procedure.  We work with you to determine what shade of white you’d like your teeth.  We’ll walk you through the painless process before preparing your teeth.  Once prepped, a peroxide solution is painted on your teeth and then activated with a special light.  The final result is immediate.  You’ll leave our office in less than an hour with a vibrant, new smile ready to greet your guests and ready for the camera.


    A Confident Smile

    A great smile instills confidence in yourself and creates a warm welcome to all who interact with you.  When you are proud of your smile, you will use it more and come off as poised, sure, and friendly.  Graduation day isn’t about the end of your school career; it is about starting a new chapter in life.  Make sure you start right with a great smile.  You can keep your smile looking its best after our professional Shoreline dentist treatment by keeping regular dental appointments and by practicing excellent oral hygiene.  Over the counter teeth whitening toothpastes will maintain your smile along with flossing daily for healthy, pink gums.


    We wish the graduating class of 2018 only the best.  We’ve enjoyed watching you grow into the successful adults you are today and appreciate you letting us be part of your journey.  Keep in touch with us on Facebook, or stop into to visit at your next appointment.  Congratulations on your achievement!