• Spring Cleaning in Shoreline

  • Shoreline dentist spring cleanLast month we talked about Children’s Dental Health Month along with a multitude of other celebrated events.  As March comes to a close, our Shoreline dentist and staff tend to think of the spring season.  Spring brings fresh flowers and green grass.  It also brings about thoughts of spring cleaning.  So what is included in your spring cleaning chores?  Here are just a few chores we think you should incorporate…

    A new toothbrush

    Whether your next dental exam is scheduled for this season or next, a new toothbrush is a good idea.  Toothbrushes may have only your germs on them and seem harmless.  However, if you’ve been sick or if the toothbrush has touched another brush and their owners were sick…your best bet is to disinfect or replace your toothbrush.

    It is recommended that a toothbrush be replaced ever 3-4 months.  A new brush keeps your bristles in working condition and eliminates illness from cross-contamination.  While you’re at it, clean out your toothbrush holder.  These vary, but essentially need a bit of white vinegar.  If you store your brush in a cup or drawer, you have a few options.  Clean the cup with vinegar by letting it soak in the vinegar for about 5 minutes.  If you use a wall-holder or drawer, wipe out the drawer with an anti-bacterial wipe or spray.  The purpose of this is so your bristles don’t pick up any germs lying about.  You can also soak your brush in mouthwash for a few minutes.  Just don’t reuse the mouthwash once you’re done.


    Schedule an appointment

    Nothing feels better than walking out of the Shoreline dentist office with clean teeth.  You may not think you need a dentist, but the feeling of a clean mouth is worth it.  We recommend visiting our dentist at least twice a year, however, you are welcome to stop by more often for a general cleaning.


    Clean your medicine cabinet

    Not every home has a medicine cabinet.  Those homes that do have a bathroom cabinet often use it for toothbrush storage.  This spring, take everything out of the cabinet and wipe down the shelves.   Before you put things back in place, take a moment to consider whether or not you’ve used the item in the last 6 months.  Toss out anything that you haven’t used.


    Spring cleaning is about getting rid of old, unused items.  The more items you can part with, the more spacious and larger you home will feel.  Take a page from our Shoreline dentist page and start with your teeth.  Once you clean out your toothbrush and dental supplies, you may just be in the mood to clean your whole house.   Stop over at our Facebook page and let us know your spring cleaning secrets.  With our tips and yours, we’re sure to have the cleanest home on the block.