• Celebrate February! A Month Full of Awareness

  • Heart health- oral health-Shoreline dentistAh, February.  The shortest month of the year that seems to last the longest.  Is it due to the lack of sun and the nearness of spring that has us dreading this month?  Perhaps it’s Valentine’s Day that puts some people in a rut unless they have a special someone with which to share it with.  Our Shoreline dentist has a different take on February.

    It’s no coincidence that February is the month of National Children’s Oral Health Awareness and National Heart Awareness Month.  Well, perhaps it was a coincidence to begin with, but studies are showing an increased correlation between our oral health and heart health.  In celebration of these two events, let’s take a look at how proper oral health care can affect not only us but our children.

    Happy Reds and Pinks

    A healthy heart is a result of proper nutrition, healthy exercise, and appropriate sleep.  Heart disease kills one in four men and women and is often preventable by simply taking care of your body.  We wear red during the month of February to create awareness for healthy hearts.  Teaching your kids, early on, about healthy choices and exercise is a great way for them to learn long-lasting healthy habits.

    Alternately, think pink when you consider your oral health.  Pink, healthy gums are a result of proper flossing and brushing.  If you neglect your gums, you are putting yourself at risk for developing gum disease.  Gum disease begins as gingivitis.  If left untreated, it can advance to Periodontal Disease.  Our Shoreline dentist services can help your gums gain back their healthy, pink color.


    Warning Reds and Pinks

    Bleeding gums are a sign of problems with your gums.  If you’re gums bleed when you floss or brush, you may have early stages of gum disease.  If caught quickly enough, our Shoreline dentist and staff can prevent the disease from worsening.  Warning signs like bleeding gums, painful gums, or red gums are just a few of the symptoms you may experience.  Teach kids how to brush and floss so that they’ll grow up knowing the importance of a healthy mouth.

    The bacteria that grow in your mouth and on your gums can travel to your heart.  Here the bacteria attaches to areas of the heart that are damaged and create inflammation.  It’s this inflammation that has been linked to endocarditis and strokes.


    Early Detection and Prevention

    Creating a national awareness campaign regarding two important issues such as heart health and children’s oral health helps our youth learn to care for their bodies and teeth.  At our Shoreline dentist office, we love seeing young, bright smiles and enjoy teaching them proper oral health care.  The benefit of early prevention habits – eating nutritious foods, brushing and flossing, and exercise – lead to a long-lasting, happy life.  Regular visits to your local doctor and our dentist can detect early warning signs that may lead to significant problems.

    Visit our office or join us on Facebook for more ways to engage children in their oral health routine.  We look forward to celebrating children’s oral health and heart health month with you!