• Candy, Hearts, or Halitosis?

  • Halitosis - Shoreline dentistValentine’s Day is fast approaching and our Shoreline dentist team is curious… How will you celebrate this year with your sweetheart?  Do you organize a romantic dinner every year?  Is the whole family included or do you take a night just for the two of you?  What are your go-to gifts; candy and flowers?  In most cases, Valentine’s Day is a last minute race to the store for a card, a bouquet of flowers, and some chocolates.  However, if you suffer from halitosis, you may be trying to find ways to avoid getting close with your special someone altogether. 

    What is the cause of bad breath?

    Bad breath is a result of any number of things.  Improper oral hygiene and neglecting your gums allows bacterium to thrive which, in turn, emits a strong odor.  Make sure you brush at least twice a day and floss once a day.  A tongue scraper can come in handy, as well.

    Medicines that you may be taking can also have an effect on your breath.  If this is of concern, talk with our Shoreline dentist for suggestions that may improve your breath.  Illnesses also play a role in bad breath.  Sinus infections fill your oral and naval cavities with mucus which can give off a pungent odor.  Strep throat can ruin your breath, too.  Try gargling with room temperature salt water for 1 -2 minutes followed by brushing your teeth.

    Foods are, of course, the main culprit for bad breath, but their symptoms are temporary.  If you are planning on a romantic, candle-lit dinner, stay away from garlic, onions, and strong cheese dishes unless you’ll be traveling with a toothbrush.  Candies and sweets that are high in sugar also lend a hand to unsatisfactory breath.  To avoid bad breath, start a new tradition this year with gifts that are less harmful for your teeth.  Fruit bouquets and a sentimental card can be just as great to receive.


    Dental appliances and bad breath

    Occasionally existing dental work is the perpetrator of your halitosis.  A cracked crown is a perfect setting for bacteria to grow.  Dentures, if not cleaned properly, will also cause a problem.  Talk with our Shoreline dentist staff to determine if your dental work is harboring bad odors.  We can walk you through the steps needed to thoroughly clean your teeth.


    Your Valentine’s Day should be special and not a reason to run from your loved ones.  Schedule your dental exam in the next few weeks to ensure halitosis doesn’t ruin your holiday.  You’ll be able to confidently snuggle with your Valentine without the fear of offending.  At A Northwest Dental, we want you to be confident in your smile, your oral health, and your breath.  Let our Shoreline dentist work with you to develop an oral treatment plan that will keep your teeth and mouth in the best shape possible.  For more information regarding healthy tips for your mouth, follow us on Facebook.