• How We Treat Children’s Teeth

  • Caring for our teeth is as important as caring for any other part of the body. Right from the time we are born it is important to ensure that we build a solid health and wellness foundation that we can use to lead our remaining lives in a healthy manner.

    Right from birth till we attain the age of 13 years or so, a child will keep on growing teeth. Dental care should start right from the birth. Even before the child gets his or her first tooth, the gums should be regularly cleaned and massaged with a damp gauze or an infant gum massager. It is recommended that a child should be taken for regular visits to the dentist from as early age as possible.

    The regular visits will help the child get attuned to the general ambience and environment of a dentist’s clinic. This will help them get used to the noises, smells and surroundings and prepare them for future visits.A visit to the dentist’s office can be interesting and exciting for a child if they know what is going to happen there. To fuel their inquisitiveness, share a brief about the procedures that they will be part of at a dentist’s clinic. Tell them:

    First of all, you will be called to the examination room and will be made to sit in a huge and comfortable chair with a lot of interesting contraptions. The chair will have a head rest and lots of space to stretch your legs. There will also be a sink with a cup for you to rinse your mouth. During the dental examination, you will have your teeth cleaned, flossed and checked for cavities.

    A friendly person, your dentist, will come over and make friends with you. They will ask you to open your mouth wide and will look inside it. They will be wearing a headband with a light fitted onto it so that they can see inside your mouth. They do this to ensure that your teeth are growing properly and that there are no abnormalities.

    They will then use tiny tools like a tooth scraper, mirror, and a special tooth brush to clean and polish your teeth.The tooth scraper is used to remove any plaque which is a thin layer of bacteria that tends to form on your teeth. Then they will use the special toothbrush to brush your teeth and use a piece of waxy string called a floss to remove food particles that might be stuck in between your teeth.

    The dentist might also take x-rays or pictures to ensure that there are no cavities in your teeth or any problem in your gums. The dentist will then use a fluoride treatment on your teeth that will make your teeth healthy and strong.

    After your check up is over, you will receive surprise gifts which will help or make you take care of your teeth better.